The Ad Gefrin Site

On Site Information Panels

The four
Information Panels erected on site in 2004 continue to serve us well communicating something of the sites’s rich and varied history over 5000 years.

Now two additional panels inform and illustrate more of the story of this remarkable site. Thought the kindness of the Kirknewton Hall Committee, a panel affixed to the side of the Community Hall at Kirknewton draws the attention of visitors to the hall to the presence of the site nearby, and of how to get to it.

The second panel lies at the heart of the royal complex, highlighting two of the most imposing royal structures. A Great Timber Hall, believed by the excavator to have been that where King Edwin held court, and the enigmatic Grandstand where up to 300 people gathered together on tiered seats to listen to those speaking from the wooden podium below them. - While a sherd of pottery or a foundation trench may enable the creation of stories, sadly, there is no way to recapture words lost to the wind and from voices so long silent.

2017 Panels

New panel
at the heart of the royal complex.

 New panel affixed to the side of the Community Hall at Kirknewton.


2004 Panels

On the wall
 in the lay-by next to the Ad Gefrin monument is a panel that describes its history from prehistoric times to around AD 700.

Inside the gate
 at the west end of the field is a panel that describes the rediscovery of the site in 1949 and Brian Hope-Taylor’s excavations between 1953 and 1962.

At the east and the west end
 of the field, inside the gates, are panels that describe the changes that took place on the site in the years between AD 550 and 700 and also the events that influenced these changes.